1 Corinthians 3-4

Chapter Three


16 Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst? 17 If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person; for God’s temple is sacred, and you together are that temple. – 1 Corinthians 3: 16-17

This verse in particular reminds us that we are not to judge one another. Instead, we are to leave it to God, who will ultimately judge us on Judgment Day, as mentioned in Revelations. It is the day that he will return again and resurrect deceased Christians and those who believe in him. Those who are alive will be caught up in clouds and taken to heaven with him. Furthermore, the first verse emphasizes that we are God’s temple – our bodies are holy and living sacrifices for God. Therefore, we should not immerse or involve ourselves in activities, thoughts or practices which will “disfigure” and “poison” our body. Instead, we are to keep our bodies refreshed and renewed through a steady and committed relationship with God. 


Chapter 4

This, then, is how you ought to regard us: as servants of Christ and as those entrusted with the mysteries God has revealed. 2 Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful. 3 I care very little if I am judged by you or by any human court; indeed, I do not even judge myself. 4 My conscience is clear, but that does not make me innocent. It is the Lord who judges me. – 1 Corinthians 4:1-4

Again, Chapter 4 ties in with Chapter 3 in identifying with the notion that we are not to judge one another. We have no right to judge other humans, ourselves being sinners as well. Instead, God is the only being who is completely blameless and pure, and he holds the authority to judge and decide  whom believes and who does not. Furthermore, the idea that we all have to ‘prove faithful’ arises. This raises the point that Christianity is by no means a slack faith. We are not to be lazy or sluggards (laziness is frequently looked down upon in the Bible and treated as a sin). We must constantly and recklessly pursue our faith, our relationship with God, our involvement in church, and our interaction with other brothers and sisters in Christ as well as those who are unsaved. It is our duty to prove faithful in spreading the gospel, and in touching the world by demonstrating and emulating God’s love to the very best of our abilities. 


-S. ❤


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