La Terrazza


Here goes, my very first restaurant review! I wanted to go to a nice restaurant the night before I returned to Sydney, but was having a hard time picking a place. (This also had to do with the fact that I had, yet again, left things to the last minute, and nowhere I knew of that was remotely good had any space on a Friday night in Hong Kong.) I remembered having seen La Terrazza whilst walking home from the nearby shopping centre in Sha Tin one day. It’s located above the Sha Tin Library and wonderfully overlooks the Shing Mun River. Surprisingly, I called and they still had space for a reservation (although the restaurant was still quite full when I arrived).

La Terrazza does dinner sets (quite unusual, as restaurants in Hong Kong usually do only lunch sets on weekdays), complete with a complementary drink – iced apple tea and soup- cream of mushroom. Sadly, dessert was not included and required a HKD28 upgrade.

Drink: The iced apple tea was light and not too sweet – undoubtedly this pleased my mother, who isn’t big on cloyingly sweet flavours.

Soup: The cream of mushroom soup didn’t make it into my good books, it was rather average. It was quite rich in its mushroom flavour but I believe it was lacking a more creamier base. ( I might sound like I know what I’m talking about, but I really don’t know a thing about cooking).


Main: The main I ordered was a Blue Mussels Pasta in Garlic White Wine Sauce. It had a fancier name due to the French/Italian style of the restaurant, but obviously I don’t remember it. When the plate was set down in front of me, I was extremely surprised (and happy) at the over-abundance of mussels heaped on top of the steaming pasta. The sauce was delightful in the sense that it was not heavily garlicky (and thus I (hopefully) didn’t repel anyone with garlic breath after my meal). The mussels were very sweet and juicy, unbelievably, my only complaint is that there were slightly too many mussels, making the mussel to pasta ratio unbalanced. It might have been because I wasn’t very hungry before dinner, though.



Setting: La Terrazza had high noise levels, which made conversing with my family and boyfriend less pleasant, resembling a shouting match rather than an intimate dinner. Nonetheless, the decoration was distinguishably French – complete with small chandeliers, white walls, and mint colouring, plump armchairs, and a comfortable ambience generated by faint, warm lighting.

Price: My meal cost HKD128, which is quite reasonable for a set dinner. I’ve been to countless other restaurants with similar pricing but  offering only a main minus the ‘set’ part.

Location: La Terrazza, as I’ve specified before, is located at New Town Plaza, Sha Tin. Sha Tin has become quite a busy and central commerical and shopping district through the past decade, and extremely accessible as a location. As La Terrazza is away from the mall and near the river promenade (and other public amenities, like the Marriage Registry and Library), I’d say it has an even better location than the restaurants inside the mall.

Score: 7.4/10.

-S. ❤


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